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Downfall Rylan L. Myers Sr.


Rylan L. Myers Sr.

Published May 17th 2006
Kindle Edition
236 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Forced to leave the department due to the death of his uncle by gang members Sam, a former Bi-racial Sergeant of Youngstown Police Dept. for ten year, is now a Private Investigator. Together with Shorty, a Black ex-navy seal and bounty hunter turned Private Investigator, they form a very lucrative agency.Called on by a friend of Sams uncle to investigate the death of his son whose bullet riddled body was found in a car that was set on fire in a predominantly white neighborhood of town, the case takes the two into the underworld of the privileged young.Along the way, the two are joined by RJ of the local police and Marcella, an FBI agent out of Columbus. Marcellas interest in the case becomes apparent as she tells the story of corruption in Columbus that mirrors the incident that Sam and Shorty are investigating.While Marcella and RJ are bound legally to follow the letter of the law, Sam and Shorty use their creative and unique ways of investigation to get to the bottom of this homicide. As Sam and Shorty get deeper into their investigation, they realize there is more to this killing than meets the eye.Things really heat up when Jackie, Sams significant other, is kidnapped. Coupled with leads from informants, the duo race against time to find Jackie before its too late.